Making Podcast Physical explores possibilities of various physical forms to support digital audio stories – Podcast. This project aims to enhance the drawback of current Podcast experience by building physicality to digital audio contents.

Current relation to digital audio contents are mainly defined by convenience. This overlooks the way of how we own, collect and share intriguing contents. This project not only fills this gap, but also allows Podcast producers to extend commercial opportunities by targeting both existing and new customers through various designs.

The physical form is designed differently according to each Podcast’s unique format and content. These are three different outcomes to show the possibilities.

‘Serial’ is a journalism about a murder case that happened in 1999 in Baltimore USA. The host of the show unfolds one true story throughout the season that comprises twelve episodes released every week demanding the audience to listen sequentially.

Physical form is designed as a box set for one complete season. It contains all twelve episodes and a speaker in a single package. All episodes come with visual materials in an envelope that help audience engage with the story more closely. The episode plays directly with the RFID tag attached on each envelope by sliding into the built-in sleeve.