Making Podcast Physical explores possibilities of various physical forms to support digital audio stories – Podcast. This project aims to enhance the drawback of current Podcast experience by building physicality to digital audio contents.

Current relation to digital audio contents are mainly defined by convenience. This overlooks the way of how we own, collect and share intriguing contents. This project not only lls this gap, but also allows Podcast producers to extend commercial opportunities by targeting both existing and new customers through various designs.

The physical form is designed differently according to each Podcast’s unique format and content. These are three different outcomes to show the possibilities.

‘99% Invisible’ unveils objects, architectures and infrastructures that shape our world but go unnoticed.
Each episode is released every week covering different topics.

Physical form is designed as a packet for each episode. It constitutes of four major parts: main cover, QR code, booklet and additional material. The cover is designed based on the topic of each episode representing the main subject matter of the story. QR code works as a shortcut for audience to play the episodes from smartphones directly. The booklet is a pamphlet containing complete information of the audio content and the additional material works as an extra tool that support each episode.

The packets are delivered to listeners who donate monthly to the Podcast producer.