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Urban Soap

Fragments of Seoul


Urban Soap

Urban Soap is a set of 4 sculptural soaps inspired by urban fragments of Seoul.

Urban Soap started with the idea of delivering regional stories, images and experiences through an accessible medium. Soap was the first choice of material because of its flexibility - incorporating multiple sensibilities such as sight, smell and touch were the main aspects in the design process.

The shapes and colours come from both traditional and modern architectural elements of Seoul to show the dynamic scene of the city. The fragrances are curated and blended by the team to highlight the city’s personality.

Urban Soap is useful in the washroom, shower or kitchen. Made with a blend of essential oils, our soaps are effective tool for everyday needs.


# 01

Design _ The shape is inspired by a famous Seoul landmark, the Royal Palace. The slanted shape and transparency of the soap represent the uneven stone pavements from the main hall and how they reflected sunlight.

Fragrance _ #01 is fragranced with a blend of bergamot and sandalwood offering a fresh and sweet scent of ground after a spring rain.


# 02

Design _ Soap #02’s inspiration comes from different architectural structures of the city. #02 is composed of two soap bases - transparent and opaque. The different components help accentuate the complexity and construction of city's structures.

Fragrance _ #02's musky earthy aroma of patchouli and cedar highlights the firmness of structures. 


# 03

Design _ The shape was inspired by the painted patterns of the Royal Palace. The blend of opaque and transparent soap bases highlight the vivid colours of the decoration and the softness of the floral shape. 

Fragrance _ Its peppery, woody notes blended with warm florals will take you to a walk in the palace at sunset.


# 04

Design _ The shape features the symmetry and continuity of the Royal Palace's roof tiles and its construction. The colour and clarity of the soap is inspired by the glaring and reflection of the glass buildings and how light traveled through them. 

Fragrance _ The fresh scent of flower bouquet and a touch of cucumber gives the impression of light and airy clouds in blue sky.